A conversation about the Future of law with H.E., the Minister of the Future in Dubai

In October 2022, Dr. Haddad, the founder and director of the Institute for Legal Transformation, was honored to meet with Her Excellency Ohood Khalfan Al Roumi and her diligent team. Dr. Haddad was invited to the office of governmental affairs to discuss the future of law with the minister. The theme of the conversation centered around potential collaborations and issues related to future regulations.

What was discussed: 

* Giving buildings a legal personality 

* Laws for safeguarding future generations 

* How to use foresight to reshape laws by legal Transformation

* Which methods to use in order to create the mindset shift needed to adapt to challenges ahead

Dubai Future Forum

At the Dubai Future Forum, leading futurists from across the globe gathered in Dubai to explore the future and share their insights to shape it. The Dubai Future Forum is the world’s premier gathering of futurists, serving as a hub of inspiration for those dedicated to creating change. The session focused on the Future of our World, reducing existential risks through foresight, values, and humanity, and preparing for uncertainty through foresight.

Why using Foresight in Law and Governance

Governments face limited options when dealing with inevitable changes: ignore the changes and let them occur without intervention, reactively adjust laws after the fact or any incident, or proactively shape laws through foresight. Some countries, like the United Arab Emirates, have chosen the latter approach and are leading the way in the fourth revolution.

Therefore, our approach is based on foresight methodology, comparative law, and a network of experts to create innovative alternatives to current laws. This proactive approach allows governments to anticipate and address potential challenges, rather than simply reacting to them. By learning from the experiences of other countries through comparative law, we can apply those lessons to other legal systems and make informed decisions that promote long-term strategic planning through law.

By incorporating foresight and comparative law, governments can ensure that laws and policies are adaptable to changing circumstances and meet the needs of a rapidly changing world. Law and governance can become a tool for strategic planning, rather than just a reaction to short-term issues.

THE FUTURE: Want to learn more about foresight regulation and legal transformation?

To further delve into the concept of legal transformation and future regulations, we are pleased to announce that legal transformation will be a key topic at the World Government Summit in Dubai in February 2023. The rapidly changing landscape of law and governance requires governments worldwide to rethink their approach. It is vital for leaders to address not only pressing problems of today, but also the challenges of the future that are rapidly approaching. The Institute for Legal Transformation is proud to play a role in shaping the conversation.