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World Government Summit, Dubai, UAE

Legal transformation at The World Government Summit 2023


In February 2023, Dr. Haddad, director of the Institute for Legal Transformation, joined four panels at The World government summit in Dubai. On stage, for the first time legal transformation became one of the vocal points regarding the future of law, governance and the upcoming challenges for governments.

The ministry of governmental affairs and future, Dubai, UAE

Legal transformation at the ministry of governmental affairs and future

Dr. Haddad, the founder and director of The Institute for Legal Transformation, was honored to meet with Her Excellency Ohood Khalfan Al Roumi and her diligent team. Dr. Haddad was invited to The Office of Governmental Affairs to discuss the future of law with the minister. The theme of the conversation centered around potential collaborations and issues related to future regulations.

COP27, Sharm El-sheikh, Egypt

The Institute for legal transformation at COP27



At COP27, Dr. Haddad, director of the Institute for Legal Transformation, moderated the discussion on Pathway 8: Developing transformative financial mechanisms hosted by the UNFCCC Resilience Frontiers project. Resilience Frontiers is an adaptation program which Dr. Haddad advises in terms of law and governance about foresighted laws for the future of climate change. Pathway 8 is about evolving financial markets to support human and planetary well-being.

The Science Summit, Berlin, Germany

Legal Transformation at Science Summit 2022 


The Science Summit 2022 brought together a diverse group of experts from various fields to engage in a dynamic roundtable discussion on the pressing issue of restoring planetary health. The theme of the discussion was “From Evidence to Action: Restoring Planetary Health through Science and Collaboration”.

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